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25 Valentine's Day Gifts Under $25

25 Valentine's Day Gifts Under $25

February 01, 2020

Prepare yourself because these Valentine's Day gifts are both cute AND affordable. We at Sweet Yara have put together our favorite set of Valentine's Day gifts under $25, and we made sure to include gifts that you can give to a girlfriend, husband or wife, or even just your friends. You can share the love this holiday without going over budget.

Gifts under $25

1. Copper Wallet Insert Card - Personalized Hand Stamped Metal, $25
Give the love of your life a sweet message they can carry in their wallet as a perpetual reminder of your affection.
2. Every Love Story is Beautiful Mirror Sign, $23.99
This sweet distressed mirror can be hung up in any room to show your partner how much you appreciate their co-authoring the perfect love story.
3. Forever Love Engrained Necklace with Rhinestone, $24.99
This sweet necklace comes in two versions: one with a pink rhinestone and a larger version with a blue rhinestone. Get one for yourself and your boyfriend!
4. The World Book of Love, $24.95
This book is a comprehensive collection of research and expert insights about the concept of love. For any data or social science-minded person, this is the perfect gift.
5. Heart Pajama Top and Pants, $24.99
Who doesn't love matching pajama sets—especially heart-themed ones? Get this set to keep someone in your life extra warm on Valentine's Day.


Gifts Under $20


1. Silver Kiss Me Necklace, $19.99
Quirky and bold, this necklace sends a fun and flirty message to your romantic interest.
2. Love Potion Phone Case, $16.00
We adore this avant garde phone case, which showcases darling and funny personalities in one stylish accessory.
3. Next Stop: Sweetness Print, $19.99
This gift is best for people for city fans or transit geeks. The letters from each metro line come together to spell "home," which is exactly where the heart is.
4. Playful Flamingo Necklace, $19.99
This sweet piece serves as a reminder to friends and romantic partners alike that birds of a feather really do flock together.
5. Ciate London Pretty Stix Lipstick, $20
You can't go wrong with getting the makeup lover in your life a cute lipstick in adorably festive packaging.


Gifts Under $15


1. In-ear Headphones, $14.99
For those who could always use another set of headphones (and really, let's be honest, that's all of us), this is the gift.
2. New Fashion Portable 1.5 W LED Light Nail Dryer, $13.40
Have a manicure junky in your life? Get them this portable, heart-shaped gel polish dryer.
3. With Love Bag, $11
This will definitely warm the heart of anyone who loves gardening. Give them a little love in a bag.
4. Adjustable Gold Heart Ring, $13.99
Sweet and straightforward, tokens of affection don't get any better than this.
5. Heart Embroidered Keyring, $15
This is the romantic gift for that person in your life who just can't resist the edgy, rocker aesthetic.


Gifts under $10

1. Water Bottle, $9.99
We love this gift particularly for sporty giftees who always need a water bottle to take to the gym or for a run.
2. Heart Tea Strainer, $8
For those who can never have enough tea, let this strainer add a little bit of extra love to a cup.
3. Otters Holding Hands Enamel Pin, $10
This is so cute, we really don't have much to add. Show that special person that you'll be holding their hand all through life.
4. Heart Sheer Ankle Sock, $7
This gift is perfect for the accesorizer with a unique style.
5. French Love Poems, $10
A truly lovely gift for the whimsical.


Gifts Under $5

1. Tin I Love You Deco, $4
Gift this to the love of your life so they'll always have a reminder of your commitment to them to hang up in their office cubicle.
2. Love Coaster Set, $4.48
Know someone who loves to get especially festive during Valentine's Day? Gift them this coaster set for a perfectly thematic coffee table display.
3. It's Yeezy to Love You Card, $4.95
Well, this is the part where we say #sorrynotsorry. Gift this to the partner with an irreverent sense of humor and a deep love for pop culture.
4. Valentine's Day Heart Crayons, $4.95
The ultimate romantic gift for any artiste, these heart-shaped crayons have totally won us over.
5. Heart-Shaped Makeup Brush Cleaner, $0.97
Perhaps only the coolest makeup accessory ever, any makeup geek will absolutely need this in their beauty supply.

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