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5 Multi-use Products You Definitely Need in Your Life

5 Multi-use Products You Definitely Need in Your Life

January 25, 2017

Are you someone who loves shopping for multi-use items? From subscription boxes to convertible dresses, Sweet Yara offers you a list of 5 items that can be worn, gifted, and repurposed in several ways for those who love getting creative with their purchases.

1. Wantable Accessories Subscription Box 

Subscription box service Wantable offers an accessory subscription box for $36 a month, which is styled to your personal taste then mailed right to your door. The subscription box offers you a chance to discover new jewelry and accessory brands as well as experiment with your look. You can also share your accessories with or gift them to friends, giving you the option to treat yourself AND the people around you!

2. 3 in 1 Tri Color Clover Hearts Ring

This amazing piece from Sweet Yara's collection is comprised of three stackable rings that, when worn separately, feature a a different heart design and metal each. Wear the rings stacked to create a bold and brilliant statement accessory, or wear the rings separately for a more delicate and romantic look. Gift one to your grandmother, mother, and sister each for a wonderful family heirloom that becomes even more precious when everyone comes together.

3. Atom New York Convertible Dress

Convertible dresses, otherwise known as infinity dresses, are designed to be styled multiple ways. The wraps on the dresses come undone to give you the option to restyle the cut, straps, and waistband of the dress, producing any number of combinations to create new looks. Convertible dresses are the wardrobe item to get if you're looking for the dress that's literally perfect for every occasion.

4. Sseko Ribbon Sandals

These lovely sandals from Sseko have interchangeable ribbon straps that can be bought in any color and tied in any number of ways to create a variety of looks. Like the convertible dress, you can create an appropriate shoe look for every occasion by mixing and matching ribbon styles and colors. As an added benefit, every purchase from Sseko helps provide employment and scholarship funding to women in Uganda looking to overcome poverty and live their dreams.

5. Sephora Makeup Sets

Sephora offers a vast array of makeup sets that, like the Wantable subscription box, provides a number of sampling and gifting opportunities. Gift someone an entire set, divide it between your friends, or keep half and give the other half to your bestie. There's no wrong way to go with this option.

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