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A Strong Woman’s Closet: Secrets to an Organized Life

A Strong Woman’s Closet: Secrets to an Organized Life

February 19, 2017

What do you feel like wearing today? What type of impression are you giving today?

Answering these questions makes us realize that our closets are not just a place to hang clothes. Rather, our closets contribute to who we are; they represent our personal brand. And whether you’re a businesswoman in a power suit, a soccer mom in yoga pants, or a college kid in all-day pajamas, we all draw strength from our personal brand.

An organized closet declutters our minds by allowing us to see our sense of style more clearly. Whether you have too many clothes, or nothing seems to go together, don’t worry. In honor of the season, here are a few Cleaning tips to get organized, visualize your brand, and enhance your strength.



Strong Woman


  • Out of Sight:

    If you find yourself constantly sorting through clothes that are not feasible options to wear, take them out of your closet and place them into storage. You can save an extra minute or two in the morning by not having to sort through out of season items or clothes that don’t fit. A strong woman removes obstacles to help her focus on the present. And a little more time and focus go a long way.
  • Align:

    For a streamlined, clean look, use the same color and style of hangers to align clothes to the same height. Slim grip hangers are great because they don’t distort the more delicate fabrics. A strong woman applies the tools she needs to stay true to form; she does not get bent out of shape easily.

Donate Your Clothes

  • Donate:

    Was that jacket a regretful impulse-buy? Did you purchase that skirt because your friends liked it, even though you didn’t? Donate gently used items that you don’t wear anymore; Goodwill has several locations and drop boxes. For new items that can’t be returned, especially those with tags, resell them on Craigslist or OfferUp. And those old bridesmaid dresses in the corner of your closet take up too much space; sell them, too! Who knew you could add a few dollars to your wallet by organizing your closet. A strong woman recognizes value and manages it wisely. Ooh, and with those few extra dollars, there’s no guilt in rewarding yourself with affordable and meaningful jewelry from Sweet Yara. For a symbol of structure and strength, try the crystal and cube pendant or squared ring, both available in silver or gold. A strong woman shines from the inside out.
  • Follow your instincts!

    Listen to your inner voice.  You know what you like. As you purchase items over time that you really, really like, eventually you’ll be pleasantly surprised with outfits that somehow assemble themselves. Unleash your inner creativity. Find the latest trends on Pinterest, and if there’s just no time to shop, let LeTote bring outfits to your door. Visualizing your brand is truly that simple. When a strong woman follows her instincts, life falls into place.

    Whether organizing your closet for a sense of structure or mastering your style, congratulations on taking a step forward. As you wake up from your dreams each morning to work on your goals each day, continually acknowledge and develop your brand of strength.

  • Remember...

    YOU can and do make the world a more beautiful place for you are the author of your own destiny!

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