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Are You a Square or a Circle Girl?

Are You a Square or a Circle Girl?

January 21, 2017

Your shape preference might reveal more about your personality than you realize. Dr. Susan Dellinger, author of the book Psychogeometrics, suggests that being a circle or a square person can indicate different psychological features. For instance, your favorite shape might be an indicator of the way you prefer to socialize, to reason through problems, and even your ideal work environment. 

Take following personality test to determine the perfect piece of jewelry to show off your personality or to get the circle or square person in your life.

 The Square Personality

Squares are highly logical, highly organized individuals. They feel most comfortable after having calculated their situation, and they more than anyone else appreciate the value of a structured workplace. 

Those who prefer squares tend to have organized personal spaces. They'll be the first to clean up quickly after a meal or the first to straighten up a messy desk. They also tend to be drawn to administrative, business, or STEM positions. 

If you're a square personality, or if you're looking to get the perfect gift for the person in your life who fits this description, check out our favorite square products:

The Four-Sided Square Ring

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The Circle Personality

Those with circle personalities are often the foundation of the social group. They love people and can typically be found within large groups at social events. Circles are most often creative types who gravitate to positions that allow them access to people. 

These personality types also make for great listeners. They love to sit down with individuals and hear out their personal stories. They are likely to be the person in a friend group who is most interested in getting together and catching up with friends.

If you or someone you know is a circle personality, you'll definitely want to look into these fantastic circle pieces from Sweet Yara:

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We at Sweet Yara like to make sure we always have the perfect jewelry pieces for every unique personality.

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