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Can You Sleep in Jewelry?

Can You Sleep in Jewelry?

May 16, 2020

“Pheww!!” You just finished a long day at work, made dinner, and got your kids into bed. You’re exhausted! You barely had the energy to hop in the shower, and you didn’t bother removing your jewelry when you were absorbed in the hot steam.

When you get to the edge of your bed, you fall, hitting it like a damp sack of potatoes. The day is done - but wait! You realize you’re still wearing all of your jewelry. You wonder, “is it okay to sleep in my jewelry?”

Breathe a sigh of relief. For the most part, the answer to this question is based upon personal preference. Wearing your jewelry to bed is unlikely to hurt you (though in some cases it may cause discomfort - don’t worry, you’ll learn about those instances in this article.) 

However, there are still a few reasons why you might not want to sleep in your jewelry. Most of them are based on the type of jewelry that you wear (as it could cause an allergic reaction,) and how susceptible those pieces are to damage (your jewelry could be damaged while you sleep.)


Health Effects on YOU When You Sleep in Your Jewelry 

Let’s explore a few common questions about the dangers of sleeping in your jewelry.

  • Can Sleeping With a Necklace on Choke You?
    • Can you wear a choker to bed? You may not want to, but not because your jewelry is going to strangle you through the night. In reality, your jewelry is not likely to choke you. Your body has a natural reaction to awaken at the slightest discomfort to your health - stopping you from choking.
  • Can It Cause Infection or Allergic Reaction
    • This can be a real concern, depending on what types of metals your jewelry contains. If your jewelry is made of gold or platinum, it is unlikely to cause a reaction. Other types of jewelry can be made of alloys that contain harsh metals (such as nickel) which can be very irritating to your skin.
    • Note: Your dermatologist can perform a ‘spot’ test to find out if you are allergic to these metals, so you don’t sleep in them and develop a rash.
  • Is Bacteria Build-up a Real Concern?
    • This shouldn’t really be an issue when it comes to sleeping in your jewelry. The reason? Because you should already be keeping your jewelry clean! It’s important to have a cleaning regiment set for all your jewelry pieces. 
    • Note: If you sleep in your jewelry, you might want to clean it more often because your wearing time will be increased.


Is Sleeping In Your Jewelry Bad For Your Adornments?


Wearing your jewelry may not cause major health concerns to you, but is it bad for your jewelry? The most realistic reasons for NOT wearing your jewelry to bed stem from this question: “Will it break my jewelry, if I wear it to bed?”

Take note, most of each day your jewelry suffers very little contact with other objects (except possibly rings.) Your necklaces are adornments that hang, earrings aren’t worn on your hands, and they subsequently don’t make a great deal of contact with other objects.

When you are sleeping, this is not the case. In fact, this is the time when your jewelry has the most contact with other objects. The simple reason - you are laying on it, against it, rolling over it, etc.


Number One Cause of Lost Gemstones

One of the most common damages to your jewelry comes when the settings that hold your stones get caught in the fabric of your sheets. All through the night this can occur, slowly stretching those settings and deforming them. The result - a displaced or lost stone.


Sleeping in Your Jewelry Could Cause Kinks and Stretching

Certain types of necklaces (such as bead chains, herringbone chains, and snake chains) are more prone to damage while sleeping. They can become kinked, stretched, or broken, depending on your activity level while sleeping. Even if they hold very sentimental value to you, you may want to choose removal (rather than wearing) while you sleep. If you care about them - you’ll care for them!


All Summed Up


There are two primary reasons to consider when choosing whether to wear your jewelry to bed or take it off. The first is your personal health, and the second is the health of your jewelry.


Wearing your jewelry to bed is not likely to cause any major health issues. It isn’t going to choke you or kill you overnight. However, you should take into account the type of metal that your jewelry is made from. If you start to develop any kind of rash or discomfort, it is probably best to remove that piece of jewelry while you sleep.


When it comes to the health of your jewelry, there are a few major reasons why you should NOT wear it to bed. You could lose your gemstones from snagging on the sheets, or you could cause damage by kinking, stretching, or breaking your jewelry. 

All-in-all, it’s up to you! But there are more reasons NOT to wear your jewelry to bed, than there are reasons to wear it! You care about your jewelry, so care for your jewelry!

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