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The Symbolism Behind Your Ring Placement

The Symbolism Behind Your Ring Placement

November 01, 2019 2 Comments

Jewelry can be used to show off all the unique sides of your personality in amazing ways. One way to communicate to people how your jewelry reflects who you are is through ring positioning. Ring placement can be symbolic of different personal traits, and can indicate such things as courage, ambition, and creativity. Let us share with you how to subtly communicate to others what you're all about through the way you wear your rings.

Left vs. Right

Throughout history, the left hand has been associated with darkness, the yin to the right hand's yang. Left-handed individuals have typically been seen as more passive, while those with more right-handed tendencies are understood to be more proactive. Because of the negative associations tacked onto the left hand, in the past, many left-handed people were forced to write with their right hands. As a result, new meanings developed in cultural understandings of the left versus the right hand. The left hand came to be seen as indicative of one's authentic personality and deepest emotions, while the right hand was understood to be reflective of the image we display to the outer world.

Thumb Fingers

In ancient history, thumbs represented strength and courage. Today, you can reference that historic symbolism by wearing a ring on your thumb finger to show off your personal flavor of strength. Wearing a ring on your left thumb communicates a quiet courage and an ability to weather all storms as well as a strong connection to your emotions. Alternatively, wearing a ring on your right thumb tells those around you that you're outspoken with regard to the issues that you care about, and you won't hesitate to fight on behalf of your values.

Index Fingers

Unique rose gold leaf ringIndex fingers are symbolic of power, vision, and leadership. If you're the kind of person with a strong artistic and creative vision, you might opt to indicate this to others by wearing your ring on your left index finger. If you're a proactive leader or someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, you might choose to wear your ring on your right index finger instead.

Middle Fingers

Gold Square RingPsychologists state that jewelry placement on the middle finger is often done to highlight a statement piece or jewelry that is precious to the wearer. If you have a ring that you care to feature due to its personal value, choose to wear it on the middle finger as a message to others that the piece is of great worth to you.
The middle finger is also symbolic of responsibility and loyalty. If you tend to favor sharing a quiet wisdom with others, wear your ring on the left middle finger. If you are highly proactive in ensuring that your goals are met in a timely manner, show off this trait by wearing your ring on your right middle finger.

Ring Fingers

Tradition stemming from the ancient Egyptian belief that a vein connects the ring fingers to the heart has long dictated that the wedding band should be placed on the ring finger. Over time, the belief was adopted and revised in the 16th century such that western culture propagated the idea that only the left ring finger had a direct physical connection to the heart.

You can choose to place a wedding band, a chastity ring, or a romantic gift on the left ring finger accordingly. Recently, more non-traditional couples have chosen to place wedding rings and promise rings on the right ring finger.

Silver Bow Ring

Bow Ring

Gold or Silver Flower Ring

Flower Ring

Gorgeous Flower and Leaves Silver Ring

Butterfly Ring


Pinky Fingers

The pinky fingers symbolize different communication styles. If you tend to communicate more strongly through art and writing, place your ring on your left pinky finger as a sign of creative genius and eloquence. If you're a powerful and highly persuasive speaker, place the ring on the right pinky.

If you're interested in rings that showcase the different sides of your personality, why not check out our 4-sided square ring? Each side features a different way to wear the ring. From minimalist to glam, the piece offers a different look for every occasion and for every side of your dazzling personality.

2 Responses

Gabbie D.
Gabbie D.

December 19, 2016

Great article Sweet Yara – thank you for sharing this!


December 13, 2016

I didn’t know that. I love wearing my ring on my left middle finger. Wise indeed :)

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