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Layering Necklaces: How to nail the look

Layering Necklaces: How to nail the look

December 08, 2016 2 Comments

 Source: Vrai & Oro


The thought of layering jewelry can be quite daunting for many people. Wearing multiple rings, bracelets, or necklaces can seem like a challenge for non-stylists, with necklaces being especially prone to clashes in aesthetic. While there are no true rules in fashion, and we believe that all women should be allowed to wear whatever they want, we put together this guide to necklace layering as a starting point for jewelry aficionados looking to find different ways to highlight their collection.


Keep a common motif

One critical rule when layering necklaces is to keep a common theme. Oftentimes, necklaces have varying shapes, types of chains, and makes of metal. As a result, layering necklaces without a shared motif can create a cluttered appearance. Instead, maintain a consistent foundation, whether it be a look made out of all-gold necklaces or a look composed strictly with dainty chains. Even a common stone can tie an ensemble together.

Vary lengths by increments

Varying lengths of necklaces in layering serves multiple purposes. First, this creates a clean aesthetic in which each necklace can be highlighted without drawing attention from the other pieces in the look. Second, varying the lengths of chains offers a cascading effect, creating a flattering triangular aesthetic down the neckline. In order to create this effect properly, the distance between each necklace should increase incrementally. This means that the distance between the first and second necklace should be at least one inch, the distance between the second and third necklace should be at least one inch and a half, so on; and distances between the necklaces should not be extreme.

 Source: Sincerely Jules

Experiment with geometry

Changing up the shapes of pendants in your necklace triad can create an elegant look that will make layering appear effortless. Consider different geometric combinations—a horizontal bar necklace with a vertical bar necklace, for example. Just remember that maintaining a downward, triangular line of sight is the goal. Placing a large, half-circle statement necklace at the bottom of the layers will break up that trajectory.

Have only one statement piece

If you choose to have a statement necklace in the ensemble, ensure that the other necklaces you wear with it are in the minimalist style. These necklaces are there to complement the statement piece, not compete with it.

We recommend checking out Sweet Yara's curated necklace collection to find a statement piece to wear the next time you layer your jewelry. 


2 Responses


December 26, 2016

I was pleasantly surprised to get so many compliments when I paired a chunky rose gold necklace with a long dainty rose gold chain! Thanks for the tip Sweet Yara!


December 19, 2016

I love this! You just inspired me to try new ways to make a fashion statement with my necklaces ●✿●●✿●

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