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Live Longer by Giving More

Live Longer by Giving More

December 07, 2016

We all know that the holidays are the season for giving, but did you know that the very act of gifting offers a host of emotional and physical benefits? Studies suggest that gift givers can experience such benefits as a reduction in stress levels, an increase in happiness, and a longer lifespan. Let us share with you some of the reasons why you might find yourself feeling ever more cheerful the more you give this Christmas season.

You'll feel less stressed.

social psychology study by Liz Dunn showed that people who were less willing to give actually tested for higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol compared to individuals in the study group who exhibited a greater willingness to give. A similar study conducted in 2006 by researchers at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Tennessee shows that generosity can actually lead to lowered blood pressure levels. This holiday season, use this as motivation to give of yourself by volunteering for a non-profit organization that you care about.

You'll feel happier.

Gift giving can be a source of joy not just for the recipient, but also for the gifter. Numerous studies have shown that altruistic behavior allows givers to experience sensations of pleasure akin to those felt by individuals receiving gifts. This is true for both those who choose to give of their time or their money. Surprise coworkers by bringing in holiday treats to the workplace, and you may just find yourself smiling through the day right along with everyone else at your office.

You'll live longer.

Studies show that generosity can lead to a longer lifespan. Even after controlling for age, general health, illness, and exercise habits, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley still found that those who gave of their time were significantly more likely to outlive the less altruistic participants in the study. Additionally, benefits such as decreased stress and blood pressure levels likely contribute to a longer and healthier lifespan for givers.

During the holidays, why not surprise someone you love with a unique gift complete with beautiful packaging and a custom note to show you care? You'll even get to share in all the wonders of giving. Here are our gift suggestions for the special people in your life:


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