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Thoughts from a Non-Accessorizer

Thoughts from a Non-Accessorizer

December 09, 2016

Are you the kind of person who struggles to incorporate accessories into your everyday outfits?

Even though I’m a member of the Sweet Yara team, I can relate. I hardly ever wear jewelry on a regular basis. The truth is that the jewelry I wear everyday is limited to a single piece: a ring that carries sentimental value.

However, I do sometimes find myself wishing that I wore more accessories, particularly jewelry. I love the way that a necklace can totally change the tone of an outfit, and I think that stacking rings creates a beautiful effect. I see girls who wear matching necklaces and bracelets or earrings every day, and find myself in awe of them. In all honesty though, I am too lazy and too prone to overthinking to emulate those looks.


On a good day, I roll out of bed 30 minutes before I have to leave the house. This means I have just enough time to get dressed, throw on some eyeliner, and maybe grab a bagel before rushing downstairs to catch my bus. The result is that my makeup is minimal and, of course, I don’t wear jewelry.

So I’ve figured out my own system!

I may not wear jewelry on a regular basis, but that just makes it all the more special to me when I do. In addition, I only keep a small collection of curated pieces that I know and love. They’re pieces that I know exactly how to wear with my nicer outfits, and they’re reflective of my more minimalist style. But most importantly, they make me feel beautiful. 

Ultimately, that’s really what wearing jewelry is all about.

Why wear a ring if it’s going to make you feel uncomfortable? Or a necklace that makes you feel self-conscious? It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing, or what you in an ideal world would do; what matters is what will make you feel beautiful here and now. Find jewelry that you love putting on, whether that’s on a regular basis or once every couple of months. Find pieces that make you feel beautiful. Find your system. Because what you wear, you should wear for you. Not anyone else.

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