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About Us

Sweet Yara is a brand dedicated to supporting and encouraging women as they chase their dreams. “Yara” means ‘butterfly’ in Arabic. Always a lover of butterflies and their beauty, it was pure kismet that—even before knowing its meaning—the founder was in love with the name “Yara”. What started as a wish to one day have a daughter she would name Yara, has since evolved into something different and life placed yet another dream in her heart. A dream to make the world a more beautiful place where women are the authors of their own destiny and no goal is out of their reach.

Butterflies symbolize growth, evolution, a free-spirit, and unique beauty. With Sweet Yara, we hope to evoke that butterfly spirit in every woman who receives our product. Whether received as a gift or purchased as a keepsake for herself or a friend, we want every woman who opens our beautifully crafted boxes to feel the magic of that moment. We want her to carry that magic with her throughout her day and life as she, like a butterfly, gracefully reaches new heights.

Sweet Yara – inspiring evolution, one beautiful dream at a time.

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